Susanna Jane Is Two Years Old

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On June 30, we celebrated two years of being Susanna’s parents. We were flying home from Mexico, where we had celebrated with my family on the vacation of our dreams. Susanna got to play in the sand, swim in the ocean, splash in the pool, and spend time with her great grandparents, great great uncle Colya, uncle Mike and cousins Connor and Kyle.

Cancun 073

Susanna with Gramma Great and Great Uncle Colya in the background.

The weekend after we got home, we hosted a Blue Balloon Birthday Party. When I planned the party and designed the invitations (and the banner, labels and favors!), the only color Susanna knew was blue, and she absolutely adored balloons. She also looks so good in blue, with her blond hair, blue eyes, and pink skin.

Susanna's 2nd 153

Susanna discovering her balloon cake

Susana Color Web-49

Beautiful in blue

You can see the photos from her two year photo shoot (Thanks McG Photography!) here.

It is such a joy to be Susanna’s parents. We find the toddler years so much more fun than the baby years, especially as we get to know our little lady’s personality. She loves babies and is sweet and gentle when she sees them, so we know she will be a great big sister to Austin when he comes along in September.

Memory Making Tip

By Saturday, April 14, 2012 0 0

I do pretty well with annual photo albums (I create photobooks for each year), but I also want Susanna to have a collection of memories from her life that I created with her in mind. Every couple of months, Shutterfly offers a free 5×7 card and a discount on stationary. Sometimes, like at Christmas, I take advantage and order my cards. I sent a few to family members for Valentine’s Day as well.

But one of my favorite ways to take advantage of these cards is to create a little memory for Susanna. You can’t see it here, but this one has 6 additional photos of Susanna’s first Easter on the back as well.

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

I really wanted to share this memory-making idea with you, but you should know Shutterfly compensates me for posting the image link seen here.

It’s Beautiful

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In preparation for being a mama, I’ve been doing some things that are pretty new to me; some healing things.

  • creating a beautiful space, painted a gorgeous shade of pinkish lavender, where little Susanna and I can bond (and she can hopefully sleep)
  • reading a book called Motherless Daughters: the Legacy of Loss and addressing some things from my past
  • being grateful for the amazing women in my life who stepped up
  • discussing parenting and kid-friendly activities with my husband
  • wearing flats, doing my makeup and hair, seeing a chiropractor and continuing to take the stairs when possible. i.e.: taking care of myself
  • collecting children’s book titles
  • praying about Very Serious Issues Such As Finances
  • being, not just feeling, beautiful

Photo courtesy of Kellie O’Brien Photography

Special thanks to my friend Kellie for taking amazing maternity photos!