“Do It Now” {Day 14}

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You know that cheesy quote, “it’s not the destination, but the journey?” Sometimes I really hate that quote. But the journey is pretty important too, in our case, and I have been thinking about how the mission field, like marriage, can amplify problems. If you worry a lot at home, you’ll worry a LOT on the field, for example. Here are some more I’ve thought of and we’ve heard from veteran missionaries. And of course, it’s a process. We don’t have any of these down perfectly or Jesus would already have come back.

If you don’t have a devotion time now, you won’t when you get to the field.

If you don’t share the Gospel with people in the States, you won’t share it with people in Spain.

If you don’t know how to answer hard theological questions in English, you won’t be able to answer them in Spanish. Even once you have a handle on the language.

If you don’t know how to budget with a steady paycheck, you won’t succeed on a missionary income.

If you don’t take time to rest and take care of yourself at home, you won’t do it abroad.

If you fight with your spouse or lose your temper with your children at home, you’ll probably fight more and have less patience under stress.

If you don’t have time to talk to your neighbors now, you won’t have time to meet them when you get to the field.

Can you think of any more “if you” statements that might apply to ministry?

31 Stories of Preparing for the Mission Field at Seasoned with Salt // theduryees.com

Pinterest Ministry Boards {Day 11}

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Pinterest has made saving articles, blogs, infographics and resources for ministry and missions in an attractive way. I have several Ministry boards on Pinterest; take a look at some of resources and images I’ve shared to stayed inspired as we prepare for the mission field.

Follow Rosalie’s board Ministry: Missions on Pinterest.

Follow Rosalie’s board Ministry: Women on Pinterest.

Follow Rosalie’s board Ministry: The Church on Pinterest.

Follow Rosalie’s board Spain on Pinterest.

I’ve also saved more personal faith-related images and resources, and I turn to these often when I need to fill my head space with beautiful things that remind me of God’s word.

Follow Rosalie’s board Faith: Bible truths to look at on Pinterest.

31 Stories of Preparing for the Mission Field at Seasoned with Salt // theduryees.com

Books We’ve Read to Prepare {Day 10}

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On Fridays this month I’ll share some of the books we’ve read to prepare for the mission field. The first is Let the Nations Be Glad, by John Piper. For a fun ice breaker game we played at Candidate Seminar, we were to choose three people we would choose to bring with us to the mission field, if we could keep them in our back pocket. One of the people I chose was John Piper.

I’ve read quite a few of his books, but my favorite by far is this one. I’ve already written about it here, but I felt I had to include it in this series because it contributed a great deal to my preparedness for the mission field. I don’t know if the freebie is still available, but it wouldn’t hurt to try!

31 Stories of Preparing for the Mission Field at Seasoned with Salt // theduryees.com

(I used affiliate links in this post. If you buy the book I’ve included in this post, you’ll be supporting our ministry because I’ll get a small commission.)

The Encouragers {Day 8}

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Philippians 4:19

When I read Paul’s letters, it seems to me that his encouragers played an important role in keeping him on the field, keeping his eye on the prize: Jesus. He admonishes the churches everywhere to encourage one another, and thanks them for their encouragement to him.

Financial support is so encouraging. Our partners are tangible proof and confirmation of God’s call on our lives, and they motivate us to put our own money where our faith is and remember that giving to missions is giving to God, not people.

Prayer support is humbling. To think that people around the world would remember us in their prayers, petition the God of the universe on our behalf… I can’t wrap my head around it sometimes, and yet each year I get hundreds of notes, Facebook messages, comments and emails telling me “we’re praying for you.”

And finally, the real life Barnabus’ (Barnabi?) who speak from the heart, encourage us in our calling, our ministry, our efforts. We couldn’t do it without these people who allow God to speak through them.

Following are some of the things our encouragers have said to us that have really kept us going.

All your work is kingdom work. We support YOU.

I know Spain needs missionaries because I have been there.

We’re in this with you for the long haul.

I think you’d be good at that.

It is a joy to see that money come out of my account each month. I am doing something for God’s kingdom!

Seeing your faith in this season is motivating to me.

We pray for you every day.

We need you here! (from our coworkers)

You will marvel at the work God is doing in front of your very eyes… through the prayers of people who live on the other side of the world (from this blog post by Gloria Furman)

I pray many more will read this, Rose. Excellent!

You are precious and honored in his sight, he chose you and will deliver you through any storm, and he wants you to live a life of freedom and not one of bondage.

You are SO loved and prayed for by SO many!

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31 Stories of Preparing for the Mission Field at Seasoned with Salt // theduryees.com

A Rockin’ Fundraiser

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Our friends spent hours with my babies while we were at Family Camp at the end of June. The daughters are particularly helpful, of course! They took them to the park so I could use the restroom or finish a meal by myself. They played and cuddled Austin so we could take Susanna on her first canoe ride. They pushed Susanna in her stroller (she’s stroller-obsessed right now) so she could eat her Pop’s Inn treat. And they made their laps available during chapel, so Susanna could stay with us while we taught. I want to publicly thank Eva, Evie, Marilyn, Erica and Sabra (aka Sabrica!) for that.

Then, after a fun week bonding as families, we all went our separate ways. We went earliest, as usual, with our babies who were scared out of their minds of the fireworks.

On Sunday at church,three of the girls had a gift for us: a card and a bag of money. They’d arrived home from Family Camp, where they had spent a week with crazy missionaries to Spain, and held a fundraiser in their driveways. They sold rocks “for charity” and gave the money to missionaries. Rocks!

What a gift! We wondered if we had reached any hearts with our stories and the (increasing) chaos of the week in children’s chapel. We trust we did, because God doesn’t waste His word on anyone. He certainly pricked the hearts of these girls and we pray He continues to guide them to give and live sacrificially for God.