First Day of School… Ever!

By Wednesday, September 17, 2014 0 0

One thing that totally shocked me upon entering mamahood was the preschool pressures. I did not realize that it’s totally normal, almost expected, to put your kids in preschool before they turn 4 or 5. I thought maybe a year before kindergarten… but it’s the question of the hour on the playground and, I admit, sometimes I question our decision when I tell those moms (those moms with all that free time!) that we’ll be homeschooling.

That being said, I hadn’t really thought about my plans for home preschool at age 3. In order to create more routine and give Susanna more learning opportunities than I can come up with on my own, however, I purchased a preschool sorta curriculum to help guide the year. I am so excited to increase the number of children’s books we’re reading, to foster a love for reading in my always moving daughter. And, with a librarian and two teachers for grandmas, it’s only appropriate that I use the children’s literature based curriculum called Before Five in a Row.

Before Five in a Row curriculum book

Each month, we “row” through one or two of the recommended books and do some activities, art projects, or discussing of topics suggested in the curriculum book and the treasure trove that is Pinterest.

The first book we rowed is Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear.”

Jesse Bear

So far, Susanna LOVES home preschool. It helps that one of the first activities involved eating some gummy bears…

In addition to rowing through books, which we read daily, we are doing Bible Study Fellowship two days a week because I am a discussion leader, we go to The Little Gym for exercise, and we try to go to preschool story time at the library every week.