Birthday Post #3 – the day

By Tuesday, May 11, 2010 2 0

Let me just begin by saying that I didn’t expect my birthday to be as amazing as it was. Truly, I was excited, but I thought it would be an every day birthday.

It wasn’t.

Tapas and sangria with my best buds on Friday night was awesome. I love girls night out. Special shout-out to the girls I shared the celebration with:

The Harvest Vine (I’d link but the website has been broken for days) brunch was incredible. My in-laws, and some dear friends of mine joined Chris and I for what can only be described as an experience. I had preordered the food (the most Spanish items), so we looked at the menu to see what we were getting, and then we were just served. It was delightful! The next plates would come just as finished one. We enjoyed a tortilla Española, huevos flamencos, jamón serrano, and caracolillos. Oh my word… the vanilla sugar.

It was indulgent. I felt very indulged.

The weather was divine, the company was wonderful, the sweet buns were sweet… and then there were presents!

guess who floored me? Yep, Chris. So, I have a week to learn to use a fancy camera (plus a fancy lens!) because on Saturday we leave for Alaska!

from my sister-in-law (and brother-in-law!). I’ll be channeling my inner Pioneer Woman weekly with this thing.

from my parents-in-law, plus a knitted hat from my mother-in-law for Alaska. Also, she had cut a sugar packet open, poured out the sugar, and inserted a check for some money to use in Alaska. How clever is she??

Then we celebrated with my side of the family and there was MORE (money)!!

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this very special birthday. I feel loved and blessed. I hope many of you will be able to enjoy the gifts too! I hope you will enjoy as I blog my journey taking good photos, cooking the perfect roast, or drinking coffee with sugar.

I’m already really good at that last one.

Birthday Post #2 – the best card ever!

By Saturday, May 8, 2010 3 0

Early in the week, I got a birthday card in the mail. It was from my church’s women’s ministries director.

How nice, I thought.

to God be the glory…

Indeed, I thought.

I thought I should get in the habit of sending you a “missionary” birthday card.

Cue shrieking and running around the house waving it around, saying, “oh my goodness I can’t believe it. That is so sweet!”

Does this make me a real missionary?

When will I feel like a real missionary?

Will I ever feel like a real missionary?

Birthday Post #1

By Friday, May 7, 2010 2 0

Spain edited

I LOVE my birthday. My husband said to me the other day, when I was chanting like a five-year-old “my birthday is in threeee days! What are you getting me??” that I’ll be doing that the year I turn 45.

I hope so. I am not afraid of getting old.

I’m sort of an old soul, anyway.

This photo represents where my head is this week that marks the end of my quarter century. Spain.

Where else??

This weekend I’ll be enjoying tapas and sangria with girlfriends as well as brunch with family and friends at a Basque restaurant.

I can’t wait to show you my favorite birthday card EVER. Stay tuned!