30 Ways to Pray for Missionaries {Day 1}

November, and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), is here! This month I am going to blog every day about the same thing: prayer. Specifically, ways to pray for missionaries. Over the next 30 days, I’ll be sharing some resources for praying for missionaries, specific ways to pray, inspiration and motivation to pray and some of the results of prayer that we have experienced as missionaries.

I’ll update this page with the links to each post.

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Birthdays
Day 3: At the Dinner Table
Day 4: When You Ask…
Day 5: Beyond God Bless
Day 6: Prefield Perspective
Day 7: What If He Calls You?
Day 8: How to Pray for Yourself
Day 9: Pray for “fe y cine” in Alcalá
Day 10: Answered Prayers (a link party!)
Day 11: Faith
Day 12: On Being a Sending Church
Day 13: When the Well Seems Dry
Day 14: 6 “D” Ways to Pray
Day 15: Going a Little Deeper
Day 16: A Missionary’s Plans
Day 17: Be Thankful
Day 18: The Sunday Community
Day 19: Get Kids Involved {craft project!}
Day 20: We Have an Audience
Day 21: I missed this day thanks to a baby with a fever and a scattered brain.
Day 22: Thanksgiving!
Day 23: Stay Connected
Day 24: Hungry
Day 25: He Satisfies
Day 26: Rich or Poor or Middle Class
Day 27: Generous Tuesday
Day 28: missed again
Day 29: Resources for Praying
Day 30: In Conclusion


NaBloPoMo November 2012

Happy Birthday, Seasoned With Salt!

By Tuesday, November 2, 2010 6 0

Everyone knows how much I love birthdays. I mean, I have a whole category devoted to them here.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce today is the first birthday of this blog!

Since I started Seasoned with Salt, I’ve written about the loss of a friend, taken and passed an extremely difficult oral exam, updated and changed the theme, name and location of this blog, ruminated on missions and addressed a common misconception, blogged from missionary school (on my phone, I might add!), become a missionary, declared my passion for youth ministry, and had a little fun.

There is much more to come. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Kicking off NaBloPoMo

By Monday, November 1, 2010 1 0

It’s National Blog Posting Month! That means one post every day for a month. Tomorrow is a special day for Seasoned With Salt, but I’d like to kick off NaBloPoMo with an incredible story of God’s sovereignty and sense of humor.

Last December, I wrote a couple of posts about an influential friend from high school, Justin Key, who passed away unexpectedly. Not only is my post about Justin the most popular post on Seasoned With Salt to date, which is a testament to his amazing influence on so many lives, but it has connected me with old and new friends.

Just last month, one such new friend emailed me after seeing my post from Justin’s memorial page on Facebook. He is teaching English in Jaen, Spain, and, thinking we were already in Spain, wanted to connect if we were in the area. He also wondered if we knew of any Christians near him he could meet, as he was a little starved for Christian fellowship.

It is so wonderful to be able to fall into natural conversation with someone based on a shared relationship with Jesus Christ, not to mention a friend in Justin Key.

I emailed our missionary friends in Spain, asking if they knew of any missionaries or Christians near Jaen. I said my friend would be willing to go as far as Córdoba, an hour and a half by bus from Jaen.

Immediately I received emails with the contact information of two couples, one in Córdoba and one closer. It turns out that our friends who serve at the church plant we’ll be joining have dear friends doing ministry with European Christian Mission in Mengíbar, a small town 5-10 miles from Jaen!

I look forward to sharing the result of this serendipitous (but not coincidental!) event. Perhaps my new friend will get involved with the ministry in Mengíbar and actually be an answer to prayers, as his own prayers for Christian fellowship are answered!