Pinterest Ministry Boards {Day 11}

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Pinterest has made saving articles, blogs, infographics and resources for ministry and missions in an attractive way. I have several Ministry boards on Pinterest; take a look at some of resources and images I’ve shared to stayed inspired as we prepare for the mission field.

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I’ve also saved more personal faith-related images and resources, and I turn to these often when I need to fill my head space with beautiful things that remind me of God’s word.

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31 Stories of Preparing for the Mission Field at Seasoned with Salt //

Olive Oil – 50 for 50 fact 4

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Thanks for joining us on our journey to share 50 facts about Spain and add 50 partners to our team. We hope you are enjoying the facts and the spiritual lessons Chris is applying as well. Today’s fact relates to one of our favorite things: food.

Producing approximately 45% of the world’s olive oil, Spain is the largest olive oil producer in the world.

Spanish-OilsIt’s funny how things like this work. Until I was called to be a missionary in Spain, I always assumed most olive oil came from Italy. Italian food is far more popular in the States than Spanish or Greek food. But olive oil is also advertised as a mainly Italian ingredient and people like Mario Batali and Giada de Laurentiis practically drink the stuff because they are Italian.

This happens in life too. We are surprised by true facts because we have accepted the way information has been presented to us as fact, or at least normal. Many times we approach the way we operate our churches and our family roles and the way we do ministry; not on Biblical example but purely on what we are comfortable with or on the basis of “this is what we have always done.”

Learning that Spain supplies most of the world’s olive oil isn’t exactly life changing or important. I mean, other than realizing that my oil and vinegar dressing is probably more Spanish than Italian isn’t really going to cause me to rethink the way I order salads or make pasta dishes.

Learning that there are things in my family life or in the way we operate our churches that are either not effective or, even worse, not Biblical, is an area that can be incredibly life changing. We are supposed to look different from the rest of the world which will sometimes mean that we look crazy or just plain nuts. I think we have become so concerned with looking normal to the rest of the world that we have done just that: become normal. Ordinary. The same as anybody else with the exception that we have somewhere to be on a Sunday.

The Bible describes people in the early church looking and behaving so much like Jesus that they started calling them Christians or “little Christs.” Are we that easy to spot today? Don’t we usually have to tell someone we are a Christian before they have any idea that is the case? Even then we need to specify more directly what that means since that title has been watered down a bit.

Perhaps it is time for us to take a serious look at how we do things in our personal family lives and in our churches. We might be surprised at what facts we just assume are true turn out to be terrible mistakes.

In Spain, cultural Catholicism has become “normal.” Spaniards might say a rosary, pray for the outcome of a soccer game, or sincerely believe that loved ones are in Heaven because of their Catholic background. But they do not know what the Bible says about Heaven and Hell. They are not aware of how deeply God loves them and that He has a plan for them to grow and be like Jesus for their own families, friends and neighbors. Please consider helping us share this life-changing news with the Spanish people. 50 people at $50 a month will help us reach our goal.

What is EMC Anyway?

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We just returned from a week at the ABWE home office in Harrisburg, PA, where we participated in a required training called Essential Missions Components. Thank you, again and again, if you have partnered with us in prayer and finances, because we had to be at 50% support to attend.

If EMC were a university course, it might have been called Church Planting Theory. Without neglecting the more minor but still vital practices in church planting, like building the right team, executing purposeful evangelism and following with true discipleship, our instructors and facilitators led us through a global vision for church planting: strong local churches lead to church planting movements which lead to worldwide missions movements. We want “to the ends of the earth” to be in the DNA of every church plant, no matter how resistant to the Gospel our initial community might be.

We started each day with this Gospel song.

Then we soaked up as much information as possible, practiced and simulated church planting teamwork with others appointed to serve in places with similar worldviews, and discussed what we were learning as a way to review the material.

One phase of local church planting is Connecting. Building relationships with the people in our community by meeting their needs, getting to know them, living life side-by-side.

By loving them.

I tried to keep love in mind in everything we practiced. In church planting, preparing to minister in Spain, it sort of comes naturally (granted, I’m not doing it yet).

I yearn to be used by God to reach Spain. I long to see young people surrender their lives to Jesus, and I love them with a God-gifted passion. We know Spain in the hands of the Holy Spirit will honor Jesus Christ and inspire a global missions movement in His name, and we are so blessed to be part of it!

The Mountaintop Looks Different These Days

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Our retreat cabin sat on a hill overlooking this horse ranch and the ocean beyond.

Our retreat cabin sat on a hill overlooking this horse ranch and the ocean beyond.

I went on a ladies retreat. It was a much needed retreat from the daily grind, and I really enjoyed the break from Susanna and house. I missed her just the right amount.

But I had high expectations for the spiritual side of the retreat. I was longing for a mountaintop experience.

Here’s what I learned: the mountaintop looks a lot different these days. When I was a teenager, every new truth I learned about God that required a change in me was a joyful experience. I want to be clear: there were many times when I realized that my beliefs did not line up with scripture, and I often joyfully repented, submitted, and changed. I walked the ways of the world, so after I put my trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, for abundant life, my perspectives on marriage, relationships, the sanctity of life, purity, wisdom and the meaning of life all did a 180. And I loved to worship God, so I made my way to the mountaintop often, seeking those transforming moments.

But things have changed. The repentance that is required of me usually follows guilt and shame, because my sins hurt other people. God is so gracious to me, though. And I am thankful for these moments because I realized this weekend that I have the power and the desire (because of the Holy Spirit in me) to kill the sin in my life. I rarely feel the emotional highs that I did as a new believer (and a teenager), but I also didn’t have the will or ability to harness the power to conquer the little sins that the Bible warns will cause destruction.

The mountaintop is a joy today because I can choose to stay there as long as I want. To conquer perpetual sins, I must depend on God; to depend on Him, I must spend time with Him; to spend time with Him is to be on the mountaintop. Ancient Rabbis believed that losing one’s temper meant losing the shekinah, and they had a saying, “nothing is worth risking the shekinah!”* As long as I have God’s Glory resting upon me, I believe I am on the mountaintop.

*Learned that from a video session during Beth Moore’s study of James.

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Guest Posting: Going There

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A woman and writer I admire very much did an insightful and interesting series on race in October. I really enjoyed that series and even contributed some of my own thoughts about being raised by grandparents, something that makes me different from the crowd. Then, I had a funny experience after reading her follow up. I am so blessed to be able to document my story on her blog today!

Click through to read what happened to me at a movie theater and how I still don’t have all the answers.