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I am so grateful for the family God has given me. When I thank God for my husband and children, my extended family and in-laws, my church, my network of friends who belong to God’s family, and the church around the world, I try hard not to be trite, not to take it for granted. This thankfulness has been, and I believe, will be, the most transformative thing I do in all my roles: wife, parent, daughter, friend, missionary…

I want to teach my children that God is involved in their lives. I really believe that faith in this simple but profound truth will enable them to face any worldview contrary to scripture with confidence and joy. And so Chris and I have begun sharing appreciation stories very intentionally. Appreciation stories are more than gratitudes, although that is very important as well. When we share an appreciation story, we simply tell our two and four year olds how we felt God’s presence, how He provided for us, how we knew God was looking out for us or them in certain situations, and how it made us feel.

The day after we prepared our October budget, we received two unexpected checks in the mail. Both were from medical bills that had been overpaid, like a co-pay we didn’t actually owe. The total amount was not the exact amount we over budgeted or anything like that (though that sort of thing has happened to us before!), but it was such a gift. We’d had a few fights, some budget-related stress, and forgotten to take our needs to the Lord. When those checks arrived, I felt a jolt of relief, thanksgiving and happiness. God had reminded me in a most practical way that He knew our needs, our fears. I felt warm inside, like all was right in our world and I no longer needed to worry. I have recounted this special story to myself and even to Chris, over the last few weeks, as God has been working on my heart regarding a different need.

Later, I shared the abbreviated version with Susanna: how God surprised us with extra money when we needed it, and I felt like God was so happy to give me a little surprise, and that it was a reminder of how He provides for the smallest needs.

This is how our family will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How do you empower your family to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus?

For October’s #write30days, I’m doing as many free writes as I can – hopefully one every day but more likely just a few a week. I’m using the prompts from the Five Minute Friday linkup.

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