I’ll Be Writing Here

By Monday, September 28, 2015 0 0

Next month is Write 31 Days, a challenge for bloggers to write every day for 31 days. Considering I hardly write once every 31 days, I’m a bit apprehensive. Nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to find a hidden well in the desert of my creative life.

I don’t have a topic in mind, like I did in previous writing challenges.

31 Stories of Preparing for the Mission Field at Seasoned with Salt // theduryees.com

Instead, I think I’ll do some 5 minute free writes each day, with the list of prompts from Kate Motaung, who hosts Five Minute Fridays. If any of these free writes result in better writing or bigger blog posts, I’ll follow the Lord’s lead.

As always, I hope to inspire and entertain my readers to a deeper walk with Jesus by sharing what He is teaching me.

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