Prefield Ministry is Missions {part 1}

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PDub book signing

Photo taken by my friend Isabelle.

A few years ago, I met a woman at a book signing by the Pioneer Woman. She had her camera, and I asked if we could share emails so she could take my photo with Ree and send it to me. We really hit it off chatting about food and Europe and we were excited to discover we didn’t live far from each other. That summer we hung out a few times and Isabelle was curious about the Bible. She read the book of John and then we did a study together of 20 Old and 20 New Testament stories and how they point to Jesus.

These are some of my prayers for her that I journaled.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for clearing my super busy schedule to meet with Isabelle every other Sunday. Thank you for her availability and the hard work she puts into her lessons each week. Please help her see and be blessed by the encouragement she is to me. I pray that you would continue to protect our schedules so we can keep meeting. Do not allow Satan to gain any stronghold in either of our lives so that we can meet again and again until we finish the story of hope and isabelle meets you.”

“…please continue to soften her heart, Lord. Only you can do it. I can’t do it, and she can’t do it on her own, Lord, but you can. Please just make her malleable and open to the amazing change the Holy Spirit will work in her when she receives you. I saw last night that she truly desires to receive you but she doesn’t yet know how. In less than 6 weeks, we’ll get to the New Testament (Lord, direct our schedules and make every meeting possible!) and she’ll meet Jesus. Help her be ready, Lord.”

“Oh, how I pray that Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection would be GOOD NEWS to her.”

“…that she would meet a friend like me in her new home, who will invite her to a good, Bible-believing church…”

“She is such a dear friend to me. I want her to meet Jesus, and grow in him. For salvation, of course. But also for her comfort, peace and purpose…”

In 2011, just before Susanna was born, Isabelle moved to Florida and then South Carolina because of her husband’s job with the Coast Guard, so once we finished the Story of Hope, I had to send her off and pray from afar.

On the day after Christmas last year, Isabelle called me to tell me that put her trust in Christ for salvation on Christmas Eve. That she had a friend like me who had shared the Gospel with her and connected her to a Bible believing church and she was so excited to begin reading the Bible over the next year.

Today, Isabelle and I can share Bible verse images on YouVersion, and I am thrilled when I see that she is making daily progress reading through the Bible in a year with her church. It is a joy to be able to pray now for growth, sanctification, and that God would knit their family together in His name, for His glory.

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