What Does 75 percent Mean, Anyway?

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75After the last prayer letter we sent, it was brought to my attention that the numbers we share are sometimes a bit confusing. Our prayer warriors and financial partners are happy we’re moving along, but perhaps don’t totally know what we’re lacking in support for which deadline, and whether that’s a monthly or a one time amount we lack.

So, thanks for your grace! I hope this explanation will clear things up.

The most important number for us is 100 percent of our monthly support. When we are fully supported, we can register for language school, pack our bags and plan our shipping container. 100 percent comprises what we need to live and do ministry in Spain. Currently, we have 75 percent of that total in committed gifts, and most people are fulfilling their commitments. We really appreciate that! We currently draw on this support for prefield ministry expenses, including travel.

Our monthly support “shortage” is just over $1500.

In the meantime, we need to reach 85 percent to attend Field Prep Seminar. That’s just another $600.

What we don’t currently draw from our support account builds up, and can be used to fund our Outfit & Passage, a one-time amount we have to raise to get to the field and set up. It covers some language school expenses, travel, housing set up, a new car, visa fees, etc. We’ll share more about that need as we get closer.

If this helped you understand our financial needs a bit more, perhaps you will pray about how you can help? We would love to see you be a part of our team in Spain through financial partnership. Take a look at the following graphic – when we fill in all the orange bunches, we’ll receive financial clearance!

Last 25 percent

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