God Answers Prayers

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Last year, for the big 30, I invited all our friends to join us for dinner at my favorite Spanish restaurant in Seattle, Harvest Vine. I’ve celebrated a few birthdays there with brunch, but the tapas dinner was pretty extravagant. My friends are great and they humored me. This year, I wanted to give back. So, I hosted my gal pals for tapas and a Noonday Trunk Show. Amazing jewelry and accessories made by incredibly talented artisans (many of them women) around the world, many of whom would be in poverty without the work they receive through their cooperatives. It’s a neat organization and the stuff is beautiful too!

Completed 31 trips around the sun today. I have loved God, the creator of the sun and the earth on which I take my trips around it, more than half my life this year. Finally, Jesus and I have been walking together longer than I was walking away from Him. The flesh says, and so shouldn't I be further along in this great spiritual process? Shouldn't I have some of these important things like selflessness and not grumbling and trusting the sovereign God of the universe with my future nailed? How funny we use that term, nailed, when we talk about things we've perfected. I can't make anything perfect. Not my days, not my children, not my home, certainly not myself. Yet the one who perfects, He did it with nails. On the cross, all my sins were nailed there with Jesus. Upon Jesus! Jesus nailed it, so I don't have to. Wow. I want to GROW in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then I will be who I truly am. #birthday #birthdaymusings #godisgood

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I had a birthday wish I intended to share here, and in a prayer letter, but our family got struck with a couple of bugs and all our priorities shifted. I felt that I could not make a phone call, send an email, or keep a support appointment because we were all sick with colds, ear infections, and most recently, tummy bugs. My wish was 70% support. By mid-May, I had given that up, because we had made no progress.

It's beautiful here. #pnw #susannajane

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Yet, God answered my prayers and fulfilled my wish anyway! Because of new support and a decrease in our requirements, we are now 70% supported! This was a true confirmation of our calling. I never doubt our calling personally, but sometimes I try to see the writing on the walls that constantly seem to be in our way. But God confirmed our calling in the most tangible way.

Then, Austin was very sick with a stomach virus for a long time. After a week, I was asking for prayers on Facebook and from our small groups and begging God to give him energy, an appetite, and a sunny disposition. My friends told me they were praying for Austin with their children. They would say, “we’ve been praying! How is Austin” and I would tentatively say, “he’s improving, we think!” Well, this weekend he seemed on the mend and today he has eaten every meal, played just the right amount, and just been his generally sunny self.

God answers prayers!

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