Simple Gratitude

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This year we had a simple Thanksgiving, combining our families with our sister-in-law’s family. Chris and I are eating Whole 30 compliant, so we made our own turkey (oil and vinegar on the outside, apples, rosemary and thyme on the inside) and brought roasted sweet potatoes to share. It was good enough although I was really craving pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee after dinner.

I didn’t take any photos today, which I know I’ll regret when I’m putting together my 2014 photo book, but it was a really simple day at home and with family. What I really appreciate about that is that we made an effort to talk more about what we’re thankful for, which made the day more lovely. Thankfulness can turn a normal, even mundane day┬áinto a holiday.

♥ the story God is writing for us
♥ His provision over the last year
♥ new and longtime financial partners in our ministry
♥ the amazing things God is doing at the church plants in Spain
♥ our sending church, Eastgate Bible Fellowship
♥ our home, which has served us so well for almost 10 years
♥ the vehicles we drive, which were both gifts that came at just exactly the right time
♥ we are no longer waiting for our tax refund
♥ our healthy, happy children
♥ Susanna whose imagination has blossomed over the last couple months
♥ Austin who dances to his glow worm, sometimes with his bum sticking up in the air
♥ our nephew Ryan who makes us all proud by doing well in school and having fun at AWANA
♥ our niece Elizabeth Grace who met Jesus before she met any of us but still left her mark on my life
♥ sweet friends, old and new
♥ our neighbors upstairs who also happen to be best friends
♥ creative genius friends who designed a custom Christmas card for us (coming soon!)
♥ Bible Study Fellowship: the people, the study, the organization
♥ loving grandparents near and far
♥ that we can find the food we want to eat (and that we want to eat the food we find!), that we can afford it, and that we can make changes to the state of our health through the food we eat
♥ our privileges as Americans
♥ prayer and how it draws us close to God
♥ books and reading
♥ Christ’s servants who risk their lives and suffer around the world for His name to be glorified (I think specifically of Pastor Saeed)
♥ people who pray for us
♥ things that help make our lives more beautiful: Pinterest inspiration and branches in vases and fun dishes and pictures on the wall
♥ this green corner of the world

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