Making Memories {Day 23}

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Today is my nephew’s 7th birthday. I thought we’d be gone by now, and on some level I wish we were. He does make it easier to be here, though!

Ryan is smart, careful, sensitive, friendly, creative, thoughtful, particular, and fun to be around.

Not only will he remember me, but now there are cousins who will look forward to being reunited too! (Funny side note: I wrote the post I linked to above exactly one year before Susanna came into the world.)

There’s a meme that goes around the internet quite often. Something like, “share if your cousins were your first friends!” This is true of me, for sure. I am a mere 10 days younger than my cousin Claire, and, though miles separated us most of our lives, we were inseparable when we were together. I look forward to the bond that Susanna and Ryan will share, as unique as the mission field might make it.

Another fun cousin quote, particularly true in my family.

Grandma’s: where cousins become best friends.

We are making the most of our time pre-field by helping our kids be close with their family.

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