Ediz Hook {Day 22}

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During our recent trip to the Peninsula to visit our coworkers on furlough, we had a few hours between services and we needed the kids to have a rest before we spoke in the evening service. Hurricane Ridge was a bit far and it was cold, we didn’t think we could make it on a 1/4 mile hike to the Dungeness Spit, and we considered feeding the old circus bears at Olympic Game Farm, but it wasn’t cheap. Then a couple told us about the road out to the Coast Guard offices in Port Angeles. You just drive through the paper mill all the way to the end. On one side is the ocean, with Vancouver in the distance, and on the other side is the bay and Port Angeles.

We took a slow route so the kids could sleep, and we had to use the paper mill in our GPS because I thought our new friends had said “Eddie’s Hook.”

It really is like a secret spot! We felt like we were going somewhere unauthorized, as the road leads right through the industrial paper mill, but the signs pointed us onward to Ediz Hook.

Once there, we parked and checked out the view, the crazy waves, and the calm side of the sea. There were some Coast Guard kitties and lots of seagulls to entertain the kiddos. It was the perfect break for our little family.

Austin took another little snooze on the way back to the church, where we enjoyed dinner with our coworkers before presenting our ministry in the evening service.

Listen to the locals. That’s the lesson here.

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