One Moment at a Time {Day 20}

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Susanna and I are sick. Austin is going through some kind of growth spurt that involves a lot of fussing and whining during the day, a lot of waking up crying at night, and a general out of character grumpiness. Today I paid ($50 and a bunch of insurance card stress) to find out that nothing is technically wrong, even though clearly, in his world, everything is wrong. Am I the only mom who uses Urgent Care when it seems Urgent that someone else Care?

I stood in the middle of my messy living room today, baby on my hip, toddler at my feet, crumbs and toys everywhere, and cried because I was tired of my current circumstances and we don’t have groceries for dinner (that was kind of the last straw).

Although I’ve done that more since becoming a mother, it’s always been my MO in OW (overwhelm).

A good cry, although a terrible idea when one is already stuffed up, seems to help me. Cuz I picked myself up (figurative), picked up the toys (literal), and created a totally new dinner out of old food.

Today it was a good reminder that even when all my dreams come true and I’m standing in the small living room of our Espartales Norte apartamento, I might still have a good cry over my circumstances.

(But at least shopping for dinner on a daily basis will be normal).

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