A Duryee Family Support Update

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October 2014 Orange Tree

God is good and sustaining (Psalm 55:22). He is moved by our prayers, but He is not swayed by our worldly demands. He has our holiness and our reliance on Him in mind at all times. He cares not for our happiness, our comfort, or our expectations of Him, when our sanctification is on the line (Romans 6:22).

And, His timing is perfect (Psalm 90:12, Galatians 6:9). So we diligently work and wait and share our story with people, and we pray that God would move us swiftly from prefield ministry (and it is ministry!) to our ministry in Spain.

We are now under $2000 away from 85%, our current support goal. Just 36 partners at $50/month would enable us to attend this vital training!

Please consider being part of the work God is doing through church planting in Madrid, Spain by partnering with us. Need more info? Leave a comment, use our contact page, shoot us an email, text, or phone call. You can even visit us on Facebook! Or, commit to support us right now!

Once we reach 85% support, we can attend Field Prep Seminar. One deadline is October 26. If we miss that one, the next deadline will be some time in February. After Field Prep Seminar, we apply for language school, sell our condo/car/stuff, raise the rest of the support, and prepare for the field in more physical ways than the series I’ve been writing.

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