The Encouragers {Day 8}

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Philippians 4:19

When I read Paul’s letters, it seems to me that his encouragers played an important role in keeping him on the field, keeping his eye on the prize: Jesus. He admonishes the churches everywhere to encourage one another, and thanks them for their encouragement to him.

Financial support is so encouraging. Our partners are tangible proof and confirmation of God’s call on our lives, and they motivate us to put our own money where our faith is and remember that giving to missions is giving to God, not people.

Prayer support is humbling. To think that people around the world would remember us in their prayers, petition the God of the universe on our behalf… I can’t wrap my head around it sometimes, and yet each year I get hundreds of notes, Facebook messages, comments and emails telling me “we’re praying for you.”

And finally, the real life Barnabus’ (Barnabi?) who speak from the heart, encourage us in our calling, our ministry, our efforts. We couldn’t do it without these people who allow God to speak through them.

Following are some of the things our encouragers have said to us that have really kept us going.

All your work is kingdom work. We support YOU.

I know Spain needs missionaries because I have been there.

We’re in this with you for the long haul.

I think you’d be good at that.

It is a joy to see that money come out of my account each month. I am doing something for God’s kingdom!

Seeing your faith in this season is motivating to me.

We pray for you every day.

We need you here! (from our coworkers)

You will marvel at the work God is doing in front of your very eyes… through the prayers of people who live on the other side of the world (from this blog post by Gloria Furman)

I pray many more will read this, Rose. Excellent!

You are precious and honored in his sight, he chose you and will deliver you through any storm, and he wants you to live a life of freedom and not one of bondage.

You are SO loved and prayed for by SO many!

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