A Pruning

“But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.”

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

So many people express awe at our faith in God’s call, our willingness to travel the world with our children, to put our faith into action by planting churches in Spain.

These things are at the very bottom of our worry list, but it seems that the very thought of missionary life makes some people uncomfortable.

Not us.

We long to be engaged in the calling He’s given us. We pray regularly for supernatural clarity of mind to grasp Spanish quickly so that we can be effective immediately. We practice sharing the Gospel relationally and putting ourselves out there to meet people. We don’t worry about that statistics and we’ll be grateful to be one flat stone in the mosaic path that leads Spain to Christ.

You know what makes me uncomfortable? Finances. And so where do we find ourselves, nine months after Chris quit his day job to pursue full time ministry? Uncomfortable, financially.

We are terrified and excited to see how He will come through.

The thing is, though Americans don’t talk money with one another, I can guess that most missionaries don’t arrive on the field with a large nest egg in their savings account and lots of disposable income. So this pruning is just reality. He is taking care of us. He has always taken care of us. I may thank God for the food in (or not in) my refrigerator every week for the rest of my life, and it might be frustrating. It’s much easier to just take a loaded refrigerator, a nearby grocery store, or a quick trip for takeout, for granted. But easy isn’t what I am going for. Joy, service and trust in Christ are my goals, and those always begin and end with thankfulness!

So as not to leave you hanging, we have some examples of how God is showing us we can trust Him in this uncertain time.

We have been faithfully praying as part of the prefield prayer initiative (150 prefield missionaries, fully funded, in 9 months). Ever week we’re asked to share with our fellow prefielders how God is answering prayers. I said to Chris one day, “I love to see the awesome things God is doing, but it feels like we never have anything to report.”

Recently we had things to report: large gifts that came in just in time, a 2% increase in support after Family Camp, and after sending an email about our need to our small prayer team, a partner told us that God had already been speaking to her about doubling her support. So she did, and included an extra gift to help us this month as well.

We also have just begun connecting with new churches and new friends and hope the Lord will lead them to join us in reaching Spain with the Gospel.

God is good. All the time.

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  • ladygoat

    I REALLY needed this right now. You guys are such a blessing.

    • I’m so glad! Pruning is hard, but God always uses it for His glory and there isn’t anything better than that. Chris and I call it being “spiritually rich.”