A Rockin’ Fundraiser

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Our friends spent hours with my babies while we were at Family Camp at the end of June. The daughters are particularly helpful, of course! They took them to the park so I could use the restroom or finish a meal by myself. They played and cuddled Austin so we could take Susanna on her first canoe ride. They pushed Susanna in her stroller (she’s stroller-obsessed right now) so she could eat her Pop’s Inn treat. And they made their laps available during chapel, so Susanna could stay with us while we taught. I want to publicly thank Eva, Evie, Marilyn, Erica and Sabra (aka Sabrica!) for that.

Then, after a fun week bonding as families, we all went our separate ways. We went earliest, as usual, with our babies who were scared out of their minds of the fireworks.

On Sunday at church,three of the girls had a gift for us: a card and a bag of money. They’d arrived home from Family Camp, where they had spent a week with crazy missionaries to Spain, and held a fundraiser in their driveways. They sold rocks “for charity” and gave the money to missionaries. Rocks!

What a gift! We wondered if we had reached any hearts with our stories and the (increasing) chaos of the week in children’s chapel. We trust we did, because God doesn’t waste His word on anyone. He certainly pricked the hearts of these girls and we pray He continues to guide them to give and live sacrificially for God.

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