My Dreams for 30

By Sunday, May 11, 2014 1 0

I am deeply satisfied after a lovely weekend of celebrations, which included a haircut paid for with a voucher I received from a Facebook Buy Nothing group, dinner with family at Maggiano’s, late night tapas at Harvest Vine and a stunning and delicious hummingbird cake made by a friend, and wonderful Mother’s Day celebration with two of my favorite moms, my mother- and sister-in-law.

If we were experiencing death by tapas after an amazing menu at Harvest Vine, my favorite Basque restaurant in Seattle, the hummingbird cake covered in buttercream and fondant nearly killed us. Bursting with all my favorite flavors, like banana, cinnamon and pecans, it was exactly what I ordered.

Mother’s Day, now decidedly more sweet than bitter thanks to my sweet babes, was celebrated with church and lunch and naps, a dream day for a 30 year old, I’d say!

In the midst of the quiet, I started a project I hope to continue this year and for the rest of my life. I took out a journal I’ve been saving for something special, opened to the first page, and recorded by hand, my dreams for 30.

My Dreams for 30 (abridged version)

☀ Thankfulness, every day
☀ A full, rich prayer life
☀ Fruitful conversations
☀ Better handwriting
☀ Full support and the adventure of depending on God for our daily needs
☀ Belief and trust that God wants to give good gifts to me, that He is my perfect Father in Heaven
☀ Less technology, more creativity
☀ More peace, calm, patience, understanding and joy in parenting
☀ Read more books, meet more people, get more exercise, eat more naturally, lose more weight, enjoy more life
☀ To grow in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

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  • Those are great dreams! I’m glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!