30 Candles {part 1}

By Thursday, May 8, 2014 0 0

My birthday is my favorite holiday. I’m hopeless so I just embrace it and pray that I enjoy the gifts (I mean more than the presents here) that come with my special day and try not to be too selfish.

My memory bank isn’t organized enough to reflect on my last 30 years, but I know that I am more grateful today than I was even yesterday, and I plan to be more grateful tomorrow and 10 years from now. I consider this a successful life, regardless of whatever other circumstances come my way.

20 years ago, ALL of these would have shocked me. 10 years ago, most would have shocked me. Today, full of gratitude, I look to the future with open hands for whatever God sees fit to give me. At 30, these are the things that define me:

    • Child of God of nearly 15 years
    • Wife of 10 years

wedding day

  • Mother of two



I’ve done this twice!


  • Friend to many, a {very} few close
  • Financially, poorer over the last few years
  • Spiritually, richer {infinitely so}… and isn’t that the way it goes?
  • Called, appointed, and support-raising missionary
  • Burdened for Spain


  • Lover of God’s Word
  • Blogger
  • Disciple
  • Teacher

God is good.

All the time.

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