Valencia Oranges – 50/50 fact #8

By Saturday, February 15, 2014 0 0

It has been said that it is legal to pick the oranges from the trees in the streets, providing that you eat the whole orange without leaving the shade of the tree.

The Spanish know what they are talking about, don’t they? This proverb is a good reminder to take a moment to experience joyful moments right when they present themselves. A Spanish twist on the classic “stop and smell the roses.”

May God grant you joyful moments to rest today.

We appreciate your prayers as Chris delivers the message at Eastgate Bible Fellowship tomorrow at 11 am.


We’ve developed a little graphic to help you see how far we’ve come in our 50/50 challenge, and how far we have to go. When the orange tree is full of oranges, we’ll be ready to attend our Field Prep training.

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