Thanks to Spain… Violin Edition – 50/50 fact 7

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Тысячелетнее драконово дерево // Thousand-year-old Dragon Tree

On Spain’s Canary Islands grows the dragon tree. This tree was once thought to be the source of dragon’s blood because its orange fruit contained a thick red liquid. While this isn’t the case, it is the very thing that Stradivarius used to stain his celebrated violins. How interesting that Spain’s resources play such an important part of a quintessentially Italian masterpiece!

There is a Stradivarius violin on display in the Palacio Real in Madrid that Rose and I were able to see when we visited. I wish I had known then that the stain came from such a unique source.

Stradivarius Violin

More Spain facts to come. Remember our 50 at 50 drive. Tell your friends!

Photo credits: Creative Commons alexyv and J R Parkes, both on Flickr
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