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I recently started using Essential Oils in our home. From diffusing purifying oil into the air to get rid of smells to rubbing lavender on the bridge of a stuffed up nose, I’m sort of hooked. The brand I’ve invested in has one called Joy. It smells amazing, with rose and jasmine scents, and it’s supposed to promote joy and peace and help the wearer overcome grief or distress. Sounds pretty awesome, right? I’ve been wearing it daily.

While I’m convinced of the powerful healing properties in pure essential oils and I am thankful for them, God used a hard day to remind me of a very important truth. I was frustrated, tired, and not very joyful about parenting recently, when I exclaimed, “I don’t feel more joyful at ALL today.”

Maybe Joy the essential oil blend works, maybe it doesn’t. But true joy comes from satisfaction in Jesus Christ, not our health, not our circumstances, and certainly not powerful perfume.

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