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We learned from our colleagues in Spain that the number of foreigners is shrinking and probably closer to 10%. The economic situation in Spain is dire enough that many are heading back to their home countries. Please continue to pray that God would use Christians in Spain to make disciples who make disciples all over the world.

Fact number two will be of interest especially to our Californian partners.

Spanish explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo (1499-1543) discovered California.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

For those of you who are Californians out there, you can thank Señor Cabrillo. Making California known to Europeans is obviously a big deal to us now.

An even bigger deal is the fact that Spaniards are very much steeped in their history of exploration. While there isn’t much new land to discover any longer, Spaniards have a history of risk-taking, adventure and exploration. Imagine if a nation with these characteristics was made up of folks who were committed to our Lord Jesus Christ! What amazing missionaries they would make in reaching still other parts of the world.

Help us spread God’s word in Spain and grow disciples so they can further spread God’s Word in their own country and beyond. 50 partners at $50 a month brings us to 87%; 74 partners at the same amount gets us to 100%! Please contact us if God is calling you to partner with us at any level.

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