Updates: Susanna’s hair and life

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Basically since she was born, we’ve been sweeping Susanna’s hair across her forehead to keep it out of her eyes.
Susanna at 6 months, January 2012

(Ok, maybe the “sweep wasn’t so dramatic her first few months)

Lately, we’ve used adorable little clips.
2013-05-23 around home (3)

2013-04-29 08.49.44
Which she usually removes whenever she notices them. Consequently, there are clips all over our house.

In anticipation of her second birthday and a beach vacation, we decided to get her some bangs.

First Haircut Webboard
I think they accentuate her already voluminous cheeks!

In addition to Susanna’s updated hairstyle, our summer is looking good on the prefield front. We’ll be traveling to PA for Essential Missions Components, which is a huge relief and accomplishment for us. We hope to maintain some momentum for support raising through the summer with a 50/50 challenge (more on that later), and then, after little Austin joins our family, we’ll be full-time prefield, aiming to leave for the field as as soon as possible. We appreciate your prayers as we anticipate life on missionary support, especially since we’ll be starting out only half-funded. We feel a tremendous amount of peace and excitement for this next step of the journey though, knowing that it is an opportunity to trust God even more.

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