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I have believed so many lies.

It is the desire of my heart that Susanna would believe Jesus. Whenever I read her little toddler Bible, I say, “listen, Susanna, this isn’t a story. This is God’s true Word!”

But I fear the thing I most desire for her is the thing I model most imperfectly for her.

This week, she has been getting up extra early. Oh how I have hated it! But a couple days ago I realized it might be that she wants to spend time with her daddy. Just as Chris finishes his morning routine, she cries out. I get her up, change her clothes, and invite her back to bed with me. That lasts a minute, but she wants to hug Daddy’s legs while he shaves, makes his lunch, pours his orange juice. He used to lean against the back of the couch to read his Bible, but now the two of them sit on the couch together. She watches cars out the window and Daddy reads, and then we all pray together before saying goodbye.

When she was sleeping later, did I get up early to spend time with my Daddy? Not usually.

The number one heart change I need is to trust God that the day has begun the way He intended it. Whether it begins with an early wake up, a grumpy, whiny, tear-stained face and immediate toy-throwing, or smiles, giggles and a calm breakfast, the day belongs to the Lord.


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  • Lenore

    so true. our winter break from school was spent with my mom and sister visiting and ALL the kids got horribly sick. In fact isaac got checked out at the ER last night with a 105 fever. He is doing alright but we have had a long week that we for sure not how I would have planned to spend time with my family but we still had sweet moments and blessings in the midst of sickness. the day definitely belongs to the Lord!

  • Linette Bethurum

    Thank you so much. Yes, indeed. The day truly belongs to the Lord, no matter how it starts. 🙂