A Letter to My Wife {guest post}

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Today’s post is my favorite guest: my husband Chris. Christine Hoover, over at Grace Covers Me, encouraged readers of her book The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart to post letters from our church planting husbands about why we are important to the church planting journey.

Dear Rose,

I want to express why I am so grateful that I am in missions with you. There is so much that needs to happen in order to get to the mission field, let alone all of the things that are happening once you get there. All of that gets added to the arena of daily living and raising kids.

God created woman from the rib of the man to show that she was to be his equal helper. I see how that comes into play in our marriage. Having a wife who is dedicated to growing in her relationship with God helps me to grow in my own as well. This all comes into play when we disciple people on the mission field. Because I have a wife who is focused on Christ, we can confidently work together as a God-designed team on the field.

I also know that you pray for me regularly and I can’t ask for any better support than that. Having a wife who prays for you is a great blessing that not everybody has and when it is added to the fact that we are going through prefield it means that much more.

I know I can come to you with successes and failures and desires and hopes and sadness and frustration and you will listen and reply with what is needed. You will celebrate with me at every new believer and struggle with me at every hurdle that comes in front of us. I know because we both said vows on our wedding day that I know both of us meant.

Thank you for being a faithful, loving, patient, steadfast, loving and, most importantly, Godly, wife. I love you very much and I don’t know that I could do this on my own.

Your husband

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  • Katie

    Hi Chris, lovely to hear from you! Your love for Rose is sweet, in a blokey way, and I especially liked what you had to say about Rose persuing her relationship with Christ meaning she is your equal partner on the mission field. I hadn’t quite thought of it like that. Good job!