Great Treasure

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The summer after my junior year, I went on a mission trip to Mexico and my life changed. Although I had been a Christian for over a year, true walking with Jesus had come only very recently. For years I went to youth events and I think I sang the songs but I never heard them. At our pre-border stop at Christian Heritage College, we went to a service where we sang, “Come, Now is the Time to Worship.” I think it was at that moment that I worshiped God in song for the first time, and knew it would not be the last.

On Sunday we sang it too, and I heard the words in a new light. While the invitation to come had been the powerful mover so long ago, this time I focused on the following phrase.

But still the greatest treasure remains for those
who gladly choose You now

I have no idea what I thought that meant before yesterday. I probably didn’t think about it at all, or I thought of it in superficial terms like we are blessed because we believe… ohthankgodihavebelieved!


Jesus is the greatest treasure. Jesus is what we who choose him now get now. Jesus.

Not riches, not blessings, not comfort or relief in trial. Jesus is the greatest treasure.

I don’t know about you, but this motivates me to worship Him! I do gladly choose Him now. HE CHOSE ME and I get the greatest treasure: Jesus.

It also motivates me to share. Because, as the song says, one day every tongue will confess, every knee will bow. But not every confessing tongue and every bowing knee will have chosen Jesus. Why would I keep the greatest treasure from anyone, when this is his future?

Jesus is the greatest treasure. Tell someone about Him today.

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