My Word for 2013

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word for 2013The scriptures thoroughly address keeping one’s word. Jesus himself chides the Pharisees in Matthew 5:33-38, saying “let your ‘yes’ be yes and ‘no’ be no. Solomon said it is better not to vow than to break one’s vow (Ecclesiastes 5:5). And James reminds us that we don’t know whether we have tomorrow, so we should be careful how we plan for the future but instead say, “if it is the Lord’s will” (James 4:14-17).

Keeping those principles in mind, I have a tentative list of resolutions, things I would like to accomplish in 2013, but my word for the year surpasses them all:

In 2013, I will depend upon the Lord.

The ESV doesn’t use the phrase “depend” to refer to depending on the Lord. But some translations use “depend on” where the ESV and NIV use “commit.” When I did a word study on “commit,” as it is used in the following verses, God showed me what He meant when He asked me to depend on Him this year (and always).

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him, and he will act.
(Psalm 37:5)


Commit your work to the Lord,
and your plans will be established.
(Proverbs 16:3)

(Note: I have written about Proverbs 16:3 before)

The word is gālal, and it’s a common one, with lots of different meanings (some of them stinky). But the most common element of the definition is roll, as in, to roll care or responsibility onto the Lord.

Oh. Yes, Lord.

As the cares and responsibilities come rolling toward me, I want to roll them right on to the Lord. I love that it requires action – I have to transfer the care from myself to my King – but it doesn’t require a work of my will, like the English word commit sort of implies. I can’t do it of my own will anyway.

Do you do a yearly word?

2011: Sustained
2012: Yes, Yes and Yes (unofficial, it seems)

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  • I like it! We often need to remind ourselves that we depend on God for everything. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we can do it and thinking that we have done it on our own.

    Are you doing anything to keep this word in front of you throughout the year?

    • I’ve been trying to figure that out, actually. Our life this year will require it in a BIG way. We want to raise 50%, grow our family, attend two trainings, complete all our assignments, go on a trip with my family, and prepare to move to Costa Rica. I hope I can just remember that my word is depend, so when I struggle to trust God or am feeling overwhelmed, I can pray that God would help me depend on Him and to know what that means for that moment. I also plan to make some of my memory verses cover the same theme that God is in control and I can depend on Him.

      • I’ll pray that God would direct your path in 2013 and open up doors for your support to come in!