2012 In Review

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Clockwise from top left: First snow; in Mama’s sweater; nine months out; new camera lens

In January, I unintentionally picked a yes word for 2012. Was 2012 a yes year? I’m not sure. Enough people said “yes” to partnership that we are nearly 50% supported. I am still learning the art of being a yes mom who also maintains a clean and organized home but doesn’t idolize it. February was full of love and sweet photos of Susanna. In March, I stepped onto my soapbox about an important issue, sponsored a little lady from Peru (who then moved, but was replaced by World Vision with Yasmina from a nearby village), and began to reevaluate how we do youth ministry. April brought more ministry posts, including one about church planting and another about salty living.

Clockwise from top left: 10 months old, Mother’s Day gift, Happy Fourth of July, eating blueberries, first birthday

May brought a precious moment in discipleship, visions of 100%. In June, I went to my 10 year reunion, blogged from our mission agency and celebrated the best gift ever. Summer posts included some lists, a post about rejection, a recap of how God is working in (“Godless”) Portland, what God is doing in us while we wait.

Summer in September; pumpkin patch; Thanksgiving smiles; cute in the cold

September was our summer in Seattle, but I still found time to just write. After posting two silly things in October, I tried my hand at a series on praying for missionaries during NaBloPoMo. Finally, in December, I recapped the year, took a few photos, and began to think about my word and plans for 2013.

We celebrated Christmas simply this year, with nearby family. Susanna looked darling in her Christmas dress.

Sihon Christmas 2012-12-22 024

I’d love to see your year recaps, so post links in the comments!

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