Christmas 2012

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The angel’s words in Luke 2:10 are so missional. A reminder that Jesus Christ is good news, great joy, for all people. God may have used the disciples strategically to reach the Gentile world, amd it may have surprised them at first, but it was always part of the Plan. Christmas is for all people: not just people in the Judeo-Christian world. It is not an American holiday (although the way we celebrate is often questionable, I see a revolution forming in the hearts of a few influencers). It does not exclude Ethiopia, India or Japan.

Christ is for all people.

We got our last batch of cards out today, which probably means they’ll arrive after Christmas. Perhaps some of you will see this one before it comes in your mailbox. Sorry about that. Thank you for grace!

Christmas Card front

Christmas card back

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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