In Conclusion {Day 30}

By Friday, November 30, 2012 1 0

Confession: I prayed fitfully, rarely, unspiritually and with little faith over this blog series. I do wish I had prayed more. I wish I had studied more scriptures and defined a purpose for the series beyond writing every day.

While I could care a little less about how many people comment or read my blog (less during this series than usual!), stats don’t consume me. Mostly, I write for myself, for the Lord, for my children to know me better. Writing is often the goal of writing, for me. I write to keep writing so I never stop writing. And I pray God would use writing to change me. That writing would cause transformation, that transformation would cause writing and that it would be evident within.

Thankfully, I am changed as the result of writing this series. I pray more diligently for the missionaries we support, as well as the people who support us. Our giving this year is generous. And while it’s not perfect, I am proud of the content I pushed into the blogosphere. If it caused one person to pray more often, more sincerely, or more intentionally for people serving God on the field, then I have done my job, to God be the Glory!

To God be the Glory forever and ever. Amen.


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  • Katie

    There are plenty of times I read something, and think, if it hadn’t have come with a similar confession, I wouldn’t have trusted that person very much. Sure, we all have (short!) seasons where we pray very intently for things, but for all of us it’s an uphill battle to do so as often as, on reflection, we would wish.

    In this regard, you haven’t disappointed me at all with your “confession”. In fact, actually, what I see is how hard you are pressing on to get to that place where you want to be, by the very fact that you’re bothered by this, and that, despite how it hasn’t come easily or gone exactly how you wanted it to, you have still turned up almost every day and done your best to make us (more) interested in your journey, and you’ve also taken further steps being interested in the journeys of others.

    You did a good thing this month. Keep going, you are doing really well! I for one am glad of the honour of coming this far with you; here’s to Christ and to the rest of the journey!