Generous Tuesday {Day 27}

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Putting feet to my faith with my wallet…

Ann Voskamp wrote about their family’s Christmas giving traditions, which changed when one of their children asked, “what does Jesus get for his birthday?”

It’s a(nother) deviation from praying for missionaries, but it’s Generous Tuesday and I wanted to blog about giving.

Here are some giving projects I love and have personally given to:

  1. Angel Tree – this is an organization extremely close to my heart, because I was a recipient for many years. It is fun and meaningful to participate through a church and purchase a gift for a specific child. But if you donate through their website, your gift is stretched by a lot – $25 serves four children with incarcerated parents.
  2. An extra gift for missionaries. I definitely don’t mean to be self-promoting here. Give to someone already on the field with increased ministry needs over the holiday season.
  3. A global gift guide. I love to get ducks from World Concern in honor of the University of Oregon. Who knew that protein-rich duck eggs provide essential vitamins and minerals—including twice as much vitamin A and more calcium than chicken eggs?
  4. A local mentoring organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters. They directly serve underresourced communities, so you can know your donation will be used in a community near you to help kids make good choices about education, substance abuse and relationships.
  5. Shop online through Pure Charity and your purchases can support specific projects you choose throughout the world.

Later this week I have some resources to share for praying for missionaries. Lots of other people have written about lifting up servants on the ground and I have compiled some of my favorites in to one place.

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