The Missionary’s Plans {Day 16}

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There’s no way around it: missionaries make plans. Burdened with a calling from God to reach these people, backed by the funds of investors sending us out, and spurred by the power of the Holy Spirit upon us, yet still limited in time, talent and ability, we plan. We envision relationships and conversations and church services to the Glory of God, we work through the logistics with our co-laborers in the field, and then we execute. And sometimes we fall flat. Did we misunderstand a cultural norm? Did we lose sight of the true needs of the people to be reached? Worst of all, were we actually trying to puff ourselves up?

Don’t just pray for a missionary’s plans. Pray for God’s direction in those plans. Hopefully this is helpful because we can pray for plans even though sometimes we don’t know the specifics.

Proverbs 16 has a lot to say about a man’s plan and Who is really in charge. Use it as a guide as you pray for your missionaries and their plans.

Lord, your word says that the plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from you (Proverbs 16:1). Weigh the spirit (2) of the church planters in Spain. Help them to commit their work to you, the only way to see their plans established (3). We know that you have made everything for your purpose, so use even the opposition to carry out your will in their field (4). I pray that their plans would please you, and so draw even their enemies into peace with them, and possibly with you (5). Help them to be righteous before their audience, give them wisdom as they make plans, and rule their spirit (8-32). Humble them (18-19), Lord, so they lean on your word for guidance, so they trust you for approval, for results (20). In Jesus’ sovereign name, Amen.

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