What I Really Want {Day 15}

By Thursday, November 15, 2012 0 0

If I were to invite you over for coffee, I’d make it in my stovetop espresso maker. I’d pour a shot of espresso into warmed milk (whole or almond, these days). Hot water for me. Will this American always want an Americano, even when I move to Spain?

If you asked me that coveted question, and I knew you would protect my confidences, leave your judgments behind, and keep your promise to pray, what I share might surprise.

Because yes, I want your prayers for new partners, for 100%, for people to respond when we share the Gospel. Yes, we need your prayers that we would be wise parents, good stewards, faithful students of the Word.

But what I really want?

Deep, abiding love for my savior. Love unhindered by my selfishness, my insecurities, my fear of discomfort. Love that overflows and causes me to be obedient, fully obedient, not only to His call on my life (in Spain, and missions, and sharing the Gospel), but to the Word. To know deep in my soul what it means to act justly, love mercy, walk humbly (Micah 6:8). And to do it. Without hesitation.

What about you? What’s the prayer request you never share with another person?

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