Pray for THIS! {Day 9}

By Friday, November 9, 2012 0 0

52 people showed up to watch the movie “Valientes” at the centro evangélico in Alcalá de Henares this weekend, including many unsaved families. A few fathers asked for copies of the movie and the discussion afterward was very encouraging. Please pray that God would continue to stir the hearts of these men to commit their lives to Jesus. Pray they would be encouraged and motivated to lead their families. Pray for future “fe y cine” (faith and film) events hosted by our team in Spain.

Chris and I occasionally have similar opportunities in the states and we appreciate your prayers as well discuss things like moral authority, creation, dating as a Christian and standing up for one’s faith in public schools with the teenagers and young adults we minister to now. We are thankful that God is preparing us now for ministry in Spain through the work He’s accomplishing here.

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