The Prefielder’s Perspective {Day 6}

By Tuesday, November 6, 2012 0 0

Prefield and furloughing missionaries have a unique set of needs, but your prayers are coveted nonetheless. Here’s a list of things prefielders encounter and how you can pray for them specifically.

  • Busy schedules: many are trying to speak at a different church every weekend, sometimes more than one. With their children in tow. Pray for their health as they endure such busy schedules, which often involves fast food and not much time for exercise.
  • Support: this one is obvious. But if you love a prefield missionary, you should be praying that the support would come in quickly. Even if it means your loved one will leave.
  • Families left behind: it is hard for the families of prefielders to come to terms with the future absence. Pray for parent, sibling and the college students left behind.
  • Spiritual well-being: Sometimes, prefield work can feel like spiritual work. And, ultimately, it is. But it isn’t the restful, growing work of spending time with the Lord. Pray that prefield missionaries would not neglect their personal walk with the Lord as they engage in prefield ministry.

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