The Most Helpful {Parenting} Thing

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We have parenting philosophies, parenting books, parenting methods and parenting blogs all dictating to us how we should parent. Parent with grace, with love and logic, with respect, with discipline and training.

Chris and I have a preference for family-integrated ministry that will enable us not just to parent our children but to disciple them as well. What a responsibility we have, and what a joy it is to parent knowing that the Lord is on our side. He knows our children and loves our children better than we do!

Susanna is only 16 months old, but I have some invaluable parenting advice. I am so sure of this parenting tool that I want to share it with the world. It’s twofold, and here it is:

  1. Don’t give unsolicited parenting advice (if advice is solicited, be specific and brief. Perceive whether it’s advice that is really being sought. See number 2.)
  2. Constantly give unsolicited parenting affirmations.

Young, Christian parents should seek older people and their advice in parenting. But young, Christian parents should love their parenting peers by praying for them and affirming the good things they’re doing. Trust the Lord with your friends’ kids too. And if you simply must advise a friend you think is struggling, tell them to ask the Lord for wisdom.

There’s no story behind this post. It’s just my plain, humble opinion and a reminder to myself as I walk this journey with my friends.

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