Each Morning

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Over at the Gospel Coalition, Paul Tripp has written an incredible post for “each morning in ministry.” Please click over and read the whole thing! It is a reminder to ministers of the Gospel who are overwhelmed with the tasks, challenges and emotional toll of ministry. It is a reminder that what we need is not a new program, a new calendar, a new system; what we need is the Gospel.

…between the “already” and the “not yet” you have been blessed right here, right now, with enabling grace. Each morning as you awake to your ministry, God blesses you with new mercies formfit for the issues of the day. He knows you are not independently up to the task, so he daily blesses you with his empowering grace.

New mercies formfit for the issues of the day. God’s mercies are formit for a cranky toddler, a super long to-do list, insecurities about raising support, and the needs of the teens with whom we work. This reminds me of God’s command to Moses in Exodus 4:12, a verse that has defined our prefield journey: “Now go. I will give you the words and I will teach you what to say.”

Tripp reminds us Who is in control and that we must meditate on His blessings and be thankful to Him for everything.

Finally, remind yourself that God’s power is too awesome, his zeal too strong, and his plan too great for you to ever thwart it. His plan will march on until his final kingdom has come and his complete will has been done.

What Christian doesn’t need to be reminded that what we’ve “staked [our] life and ministry on is never at risk because unshakeable divine zeal is behind it all.”

Praise God for unshakeable divine zeal!

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  • Thank you for this post, Rose! It was just the encouragement my tired, discouraged soul needed in this moment. 🙂