Links for Lazy Summer Evenings

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Susanna Jane's 1st birthday party, 6-30-12

Photo by Kellie O’Brien

Some of the things I’m saving, printing out, cooking or loving on the internet these days.

50 scriptures to memorize. I want to do this as a family!
♥ It is time to babyproof our bathroom, because Susanna loves to open drawers and cabinets. Here’s my new medicine cabinet plan.
♥ “Jesus loves the outcasts. He loves the ones the world just loves to hate.” Relient K
This for our bedroom wall, which features photos of Spain. With the heart over Madrid, of course.
♥ Don’t click this link unless you really, really really like puns. Like, a lot.
♥ My sweet grandparents celebrate 50 years of marriage next summer. Thanks to Pinterest, the planning starts now!
♥ My friend Elizabeth, on being brave. That we would all go after our dreams with such intention, and with the support we deserve.
♥ Many bloggers do lists like this, but to this day the most popular post on Seasoned With Salt was inspired by Elizabeth, and this one was too.

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