Summer of Two Thousand Twelve

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It is summer in Seattle! Baby legs are showing…

2012-07-04 4th of July 011

And strawberries are growing!
2012-07-04 4th of July 015

Susanna and I go to the park every day the sun shines. Realizing this season of life is a little lonely because my little one still takes two naps and is awake during the average naptime, I am trying to enjoy that it’s usually just the two of us. Per my last entry, I am strengthening my friendship with Jesus and working on prefield stuff.

After our trip to Pennsylvania and summer’s delayed start, we actually had a delightfully warm 4th of July, a rarity in these parts. We spent the day grilling with family in Maple Valley, where people spend a lot of money to shoot off big fireworks from their driveways. We set off some little ones ourselves, but mostly we sat in lawn chairs on the driveway and watched while other people did big ones. It was one of the best Independence Days I can remember, and I am grateful.

2012-07-04 4th of July 033_goldvintage

America’s Sweetheart indeed

I am planning for the rest of summer and finding ways to savor the sun. We are (over)planning a couple of day trips, a ministry trip to Portland, a quick jaunt to Eugene to see family, Thursday evening concerts at Pine Lake park, farmer’s market tacos (and berries, huge bouquets and fresh veggies), and Seafair.

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