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We believe that missionaries should be focused on evangelism and church planting. While meeting physical and social needs is extremely important and saves lives, it isn’t what matters at an eternal level. Making disciples saves lives for eternity.

Here’s why I think this philosophy of missions is Biblical and it works: it can’t be done authentically by a person working without the Holy Spirit. Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, caring for widows and orphans, curing the sick, educating the oppressed, even freeing a slave, can all be done alone. Anyone can do it (and many do) successfully. But one cannot make disciples without Christ. He is the main event, and He does the hard work.

We just carry the message.

We will not be successful in Spain because we have a lot of experience with youth ministry. We won’t be successful because we love high school students and want to see them come to know the Lord. We won’t contribute to the growth of our church, the calling of a Spanish pastor, or the salvation of our friends and neighbors because of anything we bring to the table. It’s all because of Christ. Anything good that we do is because His love flows out of us.

Please pray for us. Pray that we would spend more time in His Word, more time cultivating our friendship with the Lord so that more of Him would pour out of us.

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  • Hey Rose! Good post! It is so true that the work we are doing overseas, and even if we are at home in the States, cannot effectually be done outside of Christ. Meeting someone’s social/physical needs does not really change their life, and if we use those avenues it should just be for the purpose of building relationships and showing people that we really love them, plus I think it glorifies God when we do those things. But like Jesus and the Samaritan woman, He offered her something more than what would just quench her thirst, He offered her that which would satisfy her eternal soul.