Pre-wandering Thoughts

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We’re more than halfway through our study of the 50 most important Old Testament events in the Roots of Faith class we’re taking. That means I can put in order and state the significance of everything from “In the beginning, God” to “Seth and his descendants” to “Israel’s family goes to Egypt” and more. I can already see how a new believer or a student of religious studies might be learning what makes the God of the Bible different from every other faith.

Since I am here at our missions agency’s headquarters, while my brain is focused on the studies, my heart is set on Spain. I cannot stop thinking about getting to the field. I am sad we won’t be returning in a month of EMC. I am wishing we had meetings and churches scheduled this summer. I am planning how to complete our other assignments so we will be ready when the time does come to fly back for training.

But I am convicted.

In our study, I know what’s coming next. I’ve read it many times because it is a beautiful account of God’s provision.

The Israelites have to wait.

And wait…
and wait…
and wait.

Some of the reason they have to wait so long is because of their sin. They were impatient. They were lazy. They forgot God. They made other things their God (even good things!). They gave other “gods” credit for the miraculous work that YAHWEH actually accomplished.

On prefield, do I do that? Do I make “getting to the field” my god? Have I forgotten the daily worship and love of my Savior in the name of spreading the Gospel in Spain? Do I trust Him, and tell others of the mighty works He has done to bring us this far? Do I obey Him in all things and so please Him?

This “wandering” has a purpose, and I must remember to focus on Him and on His word and His promises, lest I wander any longer than He already has planned.

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