The Roots of Faith

By Monday, June 11, 2012 0 0

Blogging from Pennsylvania is always a joy because it means we have a reason to be at ABWE headquarters. This summer, we are fortunate to be able to attend an Old Testament survey class called The Roots of Faith. Last week, we finished the New Testament class by reading chapters and taking quizzes online. While it took us over a year to complete the NT study, we’ll complete this course in five days, thanks to a dynamic teaching model used here on campus.

As we study 50 Old Testament events including chronology, significance, and even historical background information, we are actually learning how to teach the Old Testament survey class to new believers or unbelievers. Starting with the Bible’s first phrase, in the beginning, God, the textbook takes us through the Old Testament one event at a time in an interactive and memorable way. All the while, it is laying the foundation for students to not learn, but discover the Bible’s grand story of redemption!

We’re grateful not only to save time, energy and frustration by taking this class in person, but we are in awe of the way it is equipping us to share God’s word with skeptical, questioning, seeking people.

We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with you in person. Thank you for praying for us each day, especially as we are hotelin’ it up with our 11 month old, and she spends her days with our good friends and missionaries to Togo.

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