How Funds Are Used

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We are dependent on our financial partners for the thing we’re most focused on right now: clearance for the field. We will be able to purchase those one-way tickets to Spain once we have partners committed to 100% of our financial need.

Here’s a breakdown of how your financial investment works:


Regular gifts go into our support account, and we can draw from that account for ministry expenses only. Ministry expenses include prefield travel, materials and preparation for the field. The money is our support account that is accumulating will be used for ministry on the field and/or during language school. When we are no longer bringing in income other than support, we’ll be able to draw a certain amount from this account to pay for housing, salary, etc. We never use our support account to pay for entertainment, vacations or personal items.

One-time gifts and love offerings go into our Outfit & Passage account, which is a set sum of money that will help us get to and pay for language school, store/pack/ship our things, travel to Spain, purchase a vehicle, and set up our home.

On the Field

Once we are on the field, our support has been allocated to a variety of categories: ministry, salary, housing, children’s education, healthcare, retirement, furlough ministry are some examples. We receive the funds covering some of those items regularly, and other times we submit expenses for reimbursement.

One-time gifts when we are on the field will be used for ministry unless the gift is allocated for personal use.

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