May Days

By Monday, May 14, 2012 0 0

May is a month of celebrations. The weather begins to improve, giving this sun-worshipper a reminder of why I ever stayed in Seattle. We celebrated my birthday with brunch at our favorite Spanish restaurant, Harvest Vine. As always, one of the highlights of my birthday is receiving a card from the women’s ministry at my church. Gift-wise, I got to add some great pieces to my new, fuss-free wardrobe.

Then came Mother’s Day, which in the past has been bittersweet as I celebrate my grandmas and the women who influence me, including my amazing mother-in-law, while mourning the loss of my own relationship with my mom. Everyone told me this year would be different. I did believe them, but I didn’t know exactly how. It was a whole new world this year. Nothing but joy, especially because I received one of the sweetest things ever: a card that Chris got Susanna to “sign.”

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