April Prayers Bring May Answers

By Thursday, May 3, 2012 1 0

That heading is so incredibly cheesy. I am so sorry. But it’s true: the prayers we (and YOU!) prayed in April have been answered. We bought our tickets and our registration and in June, we’ll be heading to PA to take the Old Testament class at ABWE’s training center. We are able to use our support account to pay for the trip (we are still living on faith, prayers and meager savings more than income and maybe you’d like to help us cover the cost? Just put our name in the little orange box on the right?), and we have childcare for Susanna during the days when we’re in class – a fellow missionary and candidate class buddy’s “Daddy Daycare.” We are so blessed!

Perhaps you’d like to read our April/May prayer letter and continue to pray for us as we raise support and put the Excellency of Christ on display every day.

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  • praying for you!!!!!!!! God is GOOD.