Thank You, Mr. President

By Saturday, April 21, 2012 6 0

Seems kind of strange that a 27 year old gal would have any reason to be grateful for Watergate, much less care about it. I have read a couple of biographies covering the era, but I don’t know a whole lot.

What I do know is that a “ruthless” White House aide named Charles Colson went to prison for his involvement with the Watergate scandal, and he became a born-again Christian just before donning his state-issued gear.

Naturally, the media tried to feed him to the wolves for that one, but his transformation proved genuine and lasting. It culminated (in my opinion, probably not in his) when he founded Prison Fellowship, which is the parent organization of Angel Tree.

A number of other touches factored in to my decision to trust Jesus Christ for salvation, but I know that the family who brought me gifts every year through Angel Tree prayed for my salvation.

Which means that I wouldn’t be a Christian today if Richard Nixon hadn’t broken the law and Charles Colson hadn’t gone to prison for it.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!

I am praying that God uses the passing of Chuck Colson to revitalize prison ministry across America. I know from personal, heart-breaking experience that prisons do not come anywhere near rehabilitating inmates, especially because they continue to defund and disallow faith-based organizations like Prison Fellowship to have direct access to prisoners. Prisons demean souls and institutionalize individuals until they are comfortable behind bars than living a real life. Jesus changes that, and there are many, many saints who can give testimony of a second chance, even without a second chance.

Watch this short video honoring the life of Charles Colson: