She just climbed out.

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I am blessed with the most good-natured baby on the planet. Susanna doesn’t put up a fuss about much of anything. One time, my friend was holding Susanna at church, and she asked, “will she get annoyed if I sit down?” And my other friend, who has a baby just a tad younger than Susanna, said, “I don’t think I have ever seen Susanna annoyed. About anything.” Truth.

(She does cry, people. She cries when she’s exhausted, when she doesn’t want to take a nap, when she wants to play but has to have her diaper changed, when she’s grown bored of her exersaucer from the inside and wants to play with it from the outside, and when she’s been in the car for her opinion of “too long.” But in general, she’s amazing.)

So, when I want to take a shower, I just put her in her bouncy seat outside the bathroom and take my sweet time. Because she won’t fuss. She’ll just play with a toy, make her bouncy seat sing “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” and coo. She makes these little “guuUUH” sounds, to which I respond with “I know, honey. Almost done!”

So the other day, she’s “guuUUH-ing” and I’m talking back and thinking, that sounds like it’s IN the bathroom. Couldn’t be. She’s strapped in her bouncy seat.

“GuuUUH. Aaaah.”

That IS in the bathroom!

And, conditioner soaking my hair, I pull back the curtain to see Susanna pulling herself up on the bathroom cabinets.

She just climbed out of her bouncy seat and crawled into the bathroom.

No big deal.

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  • Katie

    Hahaha! Sorry!

    Sounds like she missed you! If she was after pure independence, wouldn’t she have gone the other way? So maybe she’d be happier in her bouncy seat in the bathroom with you?

  • Kellie

    Ha ha ha- awesome! Rite of passage… =) Honestly though, it’s kind of sad (for you!) when they aren’t contained in their bouncy seat anymore. Darn! Motherhood is full of figuring out “what works now”. I used to just close the baby in the bathroom with me with a bunch of toys on the floor. I’ve always kept a bin of toys in my bathroom, actually…. or the bottom bathroom drawer. Even now, Caitlin wakes up and then plays (which at this point, just consists of asking me 1000 questions) in the bathroom while I get ready. I haven’t had a shower with any privacy in a LONG time.

    • this is a really good idea! As soon as we reorganize the bathroom cabinets to get rid of medicine and cleaning supplies, I am going to do that. Did you babyproof those cabinets too?

  • Jenny

    Super cute post, Rose!